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Welcome to 3D Dave.ca! I am the Dave, living in Ottawa, Canada.

In 2018. I started learning about 3D printing. I took a couple classes at my local library to use their equipment. However, there were no available times for me to sign up.

After much research of available info & people's opinions, I took the plunge and bought a 3D printer. Assembly was fast, but initial troubleshooting took a few hours. No looking back since then!

Everyone I talk to gets excited about my prints. They want to hear more or want me to make stuff. IDEA! I should start a website / blog / place to sell my prints / place to order custom prints. Welcome to that place!

Please bear with me while I continue to set things up here. Graphics are coming..

My idea is to have a small blog here that includes links to other relevant media (Thingiverse models, Youtube videos, great posts on Facebook, Twitter feed, and such). Also there will be a place to buy things I make, designs I make, or custom order prints/ designs. (I intend to investigate Salesforce for this).


If you want to buy things I have made, there are 2 places to go:

#1 - for boardgame parts and accessories (3D or non-3D) - Playtime games.ca

#2 - everything else - To be announced soon!

If you are interested in ordering a custom print, or having a custom model designed please email me at the address below with all the details you can think of (color, shapes, sizes, pictures of what you want, and most importantly your deadline). I will be adding an online form to the website shortly which will help prompt you along the way.


Check out my witter feed - @3DDave3 !

To contact me, please email me at 3Ddave(at)geemail(dot)com.

( Humans can read it out loud; hopefully its a bit harder for the evil machines out there. )